First day in Geneva (Avril 2011)

Jeudi 28 avril 2011 — Dernier ajout samedi 20 février 2016

27 April 2011

We left Beaumont at 7 o’clock and we stopped at 12.30 a.m to eat Diogo’s donuts of cod fish …

Next we took the room keys in our youth hostel at 16.30 to unpack in our rooms.


We took the boat bus to visit the old town Geneva. We saw historic parts, old houses, the city hall and the hostel of Geneva.

Horloge végétale, symbole de la ville de Genève A l'hôtel de ville

We came back to have dinner which was very good . So now having walked a long time around Geneva , we are really exhausted !

Restaurant de l'auberge de jeunesse

Students of the class TST2S