Fourth day in Geneva (Avril 2013)

Vendredi 26 avril 2013 — Dernier ajout samedi 20 février 2016

Today it was raining. We visited the Natural History Museum where we saw different species of animals (Dinosaures, fish, bird …) the man’s evolution and we saw the different planets of the Solar system. We also saw some beautiful gemstones.

Then for lunch, some of us ate with the teachers while the others preferred eating on their own in the city.

After, we went into several shops to buy gifts and chocolate.

Finally, we left Geneva for the station at We really enjoyed our stay in Geneva, we had fun and it was very cool. We were sad to leave. It was a beautiful and wonderful trip to Geneva which is a magnificent city. Indeed, it was amazing !

T ST2S students and their Englishe teacher Mrs Devilla.