Second day in Geneva (Avril 2011)

Jeudi 28 avril 2011 — Dernier ajout samedi 20 février 2016

28 April 2011

Today, we left the youth hostel at 9 a.m. We took the train to go to the museum of the red cross and red crescent, where we had a guided tour.

Au musée de la Croix Rouge

We ate in the park near to the museum.


After breakfast, we went to the United Nation Organisation (ONU). We saw several international conference rooms.

Début de la visite du Palais des Nations Unies Dans la célèbre salle de conférence des Nations Unies

At 5 p.m, one group went to the swimming pool whereas the other group went to visit Geneva. The water was very cold but Laury, Audrey, Olivia and the others were very brave and dived into the pool. We came back under the rain, so again we were awfully tired.

Teachers organised a little « apéritif », we enjoyed it. In the evening, we played games « le loup-garou ». It was very funny, especially Diogo’s « Dioguetha » « hawaienne » dance. During this day, we became closer to one another.

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