Third day in Geneva (Avril 2013)

Jeudi 25 avril 2013 — Dernier ajout samedi 20 février 2016

Third Day in Geneva

This morning, it was such a shiny day (again !) a group went shopping for the pic-nic, while the others were getting ready.

Next we took the tramway then the bus to reach the head office of the World Health Organisation (WHO) where we were told about their role on the management of pandemic and epidemic diseases. We were lucky to be able to stare at the panoramic view from the eighth floor.

Then we went to eat in the Botanic Garden and most of us sunbathed or fell asleep on the grass. Afterwards we went to the Science museum and we cross the lake to have some free time in old city.

We finally walked back to the hostel to have a lovely diner, before visiting Geneva by night.

T ST2S Students and Mrs Devilla